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Dare To Soar Online Coaching

A small step of courage can lead to learning to soar on wings...

Hi, I'm Chloë. Would you like to...

  • Stop striving to be the person you think you should be and allow yourself to be the real you in all areas of life?
  • Notice small moments of joy amidst the anxiety,
    busy-ness and chaos of life?
  • Leave negative thought patterns behind?
  • Be empowered to embrace change, view challenges positively, and look forward to a more fulfilling life?
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I can help you

Life can be really tough. Sometimes it is just the relentless small stuff that grinds us down. Perhaps days, weeks or months pass without us feeling that anyone has truly listened to us and understood how things are.

As a transformational life coach, as well as trained nurse and teacher, I offer quality, unhurried time allowing you to feel seen and heard.


I will work with you, holistically and empathically, guiding you as you navigate life decisions or transitions. I will help you move towards a goal, or help you discover the reasons behind ‘feeling stuck’ in a difficult or undesirable situation.

I will encourage and support you along the way, reducing overwhelm and empowering you to take small steps to a more fulfilling future.

“Chloë was knowledgeable and had the ability to drill deeper into the situation in order to bring deeper understanding and insight. I found answers to questions I have found impossible to answer my whole life.”
Client feedback
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Why have coaching?

The answer to that is very simple!


It enables you to be the best version of you!


Shines a spotlight on the areas of your life that are holding you back.

“Having coaching has reminded me of how I can become the best version of myself as I am already resourceful and not easily discouraged.” 
Client feedback
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I can help
with include...

  • Beginning, managing or leaving a relationship

  • Navigating difficult conversations

  • Creating boundaries

  • Desiring a change of direction (e.g. career)

  • Wanting to work towards a personal goal but something
    is stopping you

  • Feeling dissatisfied with life but unsure why

  • Transitioning into a new phase of life
    (i.e. marriage, parenthood, moving house)

  • Feeling ‘unseen’, lacking genuine connection with others

  • Health concerns

  • Stress or overwhelm

  • Self doubt

Discover a life you LOVE

Together, we will explore whichever direction you choose to travel. Along the way I aim to increase your confidence, resilience and optimism for the future. I will guide and support you through obstacles, replacing unhelpful habits with positive thoughts and behaviours, and help you identity small steps to take towards discovering a life that you love and find fulfilling.

All you need is the yearning and willingness to make change

Flying eagles in the mountains

Kind Words

“Chloë helped me prioritise things and make decisions..she was very gentle and calming, which was helpful as I get anxious easily."
Client feedback
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