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Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Some years ago, I was having a difficult time feeling torn between many people's needs. Naturally I am generally a person who gravitates towards getting alongside those who are in need but at this particular time I was struggling... Not that I was aware (unfortunately!), but I was becoming snappy, impatient, resentful, exhausted, feeling very low and had stopped looking forward to anything. In all honesty, I was so focused on others, I had not noticed what was going on for me. I was chatting about my situation with someone, far wiser than me, who asked me "How would it be for you if you were to take a 20 minute break each day for some 'me-time'?" I looked at her in horror, and said "" A 20 minute break!?!How can I possibly do that? There is always a pile of laundry or some other job that needs doing, how can I take a rest when I'm so disorganised... it's not even as if I've got a full time job or hundreds of children! I don't feel it's right to sit down with cuppa!" Very gently, she asked me how I might feel (and respond! ) if a friend spoke to me with those words and in that tone of voice? " Well that grabbed my attention! "I don't think I'd invite the friend round again." I quietly replied. How would you have responded? How else might we react to that loud, and sometimes incessant negative chatter? Could the answer be to respond with kindness and compassion and think about what we might hope a loved one would say to us... *go and have a 20 minute nap *Listen to a guided meditation *Call a friend *pray *Listen to music or podcast *have a cup of tea out in the garden *do something creative * enjoy pounding out frustration on the 20 minutes on the exercise bike *Breathing exercises *pilates *Count your blessings *Go for a short walk

*Get your nails done! (@polished_2022) *notice what you ARE good at and HAVE achieved, however small that may appear to be. *Think about positive affirmations such as "I'm doing my best, I'm trying hard, I'm doing really well considering the circumstances...." Negative thoughts and inner chatter are inextricably entwined with increased anxiety levels so it's well worth considering ways to calm things down. And remember, those negative thoughts are just that...thoughts. They are not evidence. I challenge you to seek out ways to quieten that chatter this week. For further information, check out

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